Thursday, December 27, 2012

1 down and a few dozen to go.

Instead of working on Bonnie's mystery quilt this week, of which I now have 3 weeks of clues to work on. I worked on my sisters bedroom set, which includes 2 pillow cases, a quilt and a dresser topper. It has all been washed and I see that I need to redo the binding on the dresser topper, missed 3 spots in folding it  over.. Other than that it turned out pretty good.

I still have problems with pin tucks underneath. But I'm going to leave them. Its still a learning process for me and I know that she will love it any ways. It was quilted on my domestic machine, Janome Harmony 4052, in the ditch or as close as I could get to it.

As I was stitching all the bindings on I came to the conclusion that it is going to have the Tammy Element added to it and probably every piece I do from here on out. Its not perfect by no means but its good enough for me, for this set. Next set will hopefully be better..

I need to slow down a bit when doing the straight lines of stitching, but this will come with practice. And I plan on have a lot more practice as I will be producing lap quilts, kids quilts, and more bedroom sets for my family and a few close friends that I know will appreciate all the work that goes into producing them.

Now you can head on over to Quiltville and take a look at how everyone else is doing with the mystery.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sooooo many things to do, so little time..

So I told my b/f that I needed to get week 3 and week 4 done for the mystery quilt. He said " Don't you think you need to finish up some of these other projects?"

lol uhhh yea but I'm working on a mystery quilt also.. Needs to get done..

sooooo many things to do, so little time..

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sister's Quilt

Is finally done with the quilting, hoping she doesn't look to closely at the stitching.. lol
All n all not to bad, it could have been worse. I still have some areas that can be fixed relatively easily. As in I started stitching, didn't like and started over, need to rip out those first stitches.

I should have seen if I could have found another neutral color to border it with as it barely fits the top of my bed with absolutely no drappege off the sides or the foot of the bed.

So onto figuring out the binding, and get that on.. Sew I can sit and have something else for my hands to do 3 nights a week.

Next up to be quilted is the matching table/dresser topper

I started to hand quilt it, but may put in on my Janome Harmony and finish it out.

Easy Street Linky up party

Is going on over at Quiltville.
This past week, we just about got done with my sisters quilt. and with sewing the binding down on my b/f's quilt.
Mystery quilt,
Week 1 - done
Week 2 - done
Week 3 - in progress
Week 4 - in progress.

A little beakless but I can live with it..

Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Street clue 4

Is up.. oh boy, I need to get busy.
64 more flying geese, using my reds and blues, and then attach them to 64 of part 2 of Easy Street.

 So I suppose I should get to working on these also, I need to make another 44 to be finished with part 2.

She also said we could, as if that wasn't enough, cut out 145 - 3.5" squares out of all of our greens.. Looks to be a busy weekend and week for me.

Still need to finish sewing down the binding on b/f quilt, just have another hr or two left on it. I work on it when I watch new releases of my crime drama shows, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, and CSI Las Vegas.
And I am also still working on quilting the borders of my sisters quilt.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street Wk 3 Linky up

Holy Cow, the week has flown past, but then again this whole year has.
I didn't get much done on Easy Street last week, until about Friday or Sat., then I got another 50 Flying Geese done, so now I have 88 of them flying around, and have another 40 to make.

Here they are in the bin with the 4 patches.

On one of the quilt cams last week I decided to make some string pieces, another thing I have never done before. May as well learn.. lol Using phone book pages as a foundation. I got 3 done.

Not to bad for my first times.

Last night I went ahead and did up about 5 of the new units and the 4 green triangles.

I'm getting better with the angle ruler.. Practicing is the key in my book.

I did get all the inside squares of my sister's quilt done now to finish quilting up the borders. Then to bind it up, I hope to get it done this week.

Head on over to Quiltville to see what everyone else is doing, we have some new bloggers check them out. Along with the other 249 bloggers that posted in last weeks Linky up.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street link up #2

Its going on now at Quiltville. If you have not been there you need to go and check out how the other wonderful quilters are doing and to see what color choices they have made.

This week for our week 2 challenge was to do Flying Geese, now I have never done them and have never used the companion ruler nor the angle ruler, I have had them for months, saw them and thought of triangles.. lol
So this is going to be a slow process for me to get through all, 128 flying geese. :P

I have 30 of them done and have close to 10 that I have to rip apart and see if I can put them together right.

My color choice for this step is red, I have some reds in my stash. Enough to do this part of the mystery. But.... then again who doesn't like going to the local quilt shop. :D

 We took my Wilson Rotary machine to be fixed up. Hopefully it will be done within 2 weeks. While at the local quilt shop E-Jays, I found these 3 reds to add to my pile to use for Easy Street.

And I found this Black on White print that I just had to have to use also in Easy Street. Its cute, it will interesting to see where the owls pop up at.

So go on over to Quiltville and see what everyone is up to.

And have a wonderful sewing week.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy Street Part 2 is up

 Easy Street Part 2 is up. Its 5:30am and Bonnie preset the instructions to go live while most in the US were sleeping.

Looks like my SInger 99k is going to get a good workout this weekend. Even more so than last weekend. lol
We have 128 flying geese units to make, she is using purple, and my b/f picked reds, so that is one color I will be using. Now to see how much of the red I can pull out of my bins, I have a mess load of reds in my 2.5" bins mostly Christmas prints but you wouldn't really be able to tell by the time we got them cut.

 My Janome Harmony is busy quilting this beauty. I have planned to finish up 2 lap quilt's and at least 2-3 quilt tops while working on "Easy Street"
I have plenty of the strips already cut but some are already sewn to the grey strips, guess I pull those apart if I need to to make the 64 2” X 3-1/2” rectangles for one of the next steps.

Happy sewing everyone have a great day.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's Agenda

It is now pin basted and started to stitch in the ditch.
It may take me a couple of days to do this one.

And to pick colors for the "Easy Street" mystery quilt, since clue #2 comes out in the morning.

On looking at my list of recipients, alot of them like the blues and greens, now for a 3rd color.. hmm reds, purples or oranges..

What color do you think I should do?

Remember Bonnie is doing Limey greens, blues, and purples. My greens will be different shades of color as will the blues. 
My reds and purples will also be different shades of color. Time to get sewing and pulling colors.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's agenda

 Is putting the binding on this Jelly Roll Race quilt that I made for my B/F way earlier this year, I finally got brave enough to machine quilt after listening to him complain it was taking to long to hand quilt it.. lol.
 Its made out of the Sand Hill Plums line of Jelly Rolls by Kansas Troubles for Moda Fabrics
and the Double Cappuccino Sushi Roll by Princess Mirah Design for Bali Fabrics
.. I bought both of these lines from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Happy to say that the binding is now on the top, now to spend the next few nights hand sewing the backside. :D

 Next project up is my sisters quilt. This was a mystery I did back in May, June and July. I got her quilt top done and table runner top done, now to get the courage up to quilt them.. sighs, first pin basting them together.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Roads Lead to Home

This lap quilt will be going to my Cousin Charley. He is a truck driver, and he was diagnose with cancer this year. He has completed all his chemo and radiation treatments and we shall find out next month if he is in remission or not.

I had to revamp how I wanted to do this but I think he will love it anyways. I will be putting on the house block "Home Sweet Home".
This is being made out of Batiks in the D9P or disappearing 9 patch blocks. With roadways going all around it.

Thanks for looking and happy sewing.. Anticipation for Friday's clues is mounting.. :D

Blog Hop and a Giveaway..

Two things that go great together in the quilting world.. A blog hop and giveaways.
Head on over to Bonnie's blog to get all the particulars, I know we have until Dec. 12, 2012 to enter.
So What are you waiting on head on over to   HERE.... They are giving away another book. It looks sooooo very interesting..

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Easy Street" part 1

In the introduction of "Easy Street" mystery quilt, Bonnie is going to be using Limey apple green, blues and purples. I have not decided yet on which colors I'm going to use yet, that part will be decided the closer we get to Friday, so stay tune.

Our first cutting and sewing instructions we received this past Friday so I spent Friday and Saturday cutting and sewing together 192 4 patches. 

Here are the strip sets, these are out of yardage that I got a few weeks ago.
Out of these strip sets I cut them down into 4 patches that look like this.

We are having a linked up party over at Quiltville so head on over there and see what everyone else is doing. This going to fun. Its like a Blog hop.

The main part of this mystery quilt is to have fun..
What will you be doing this week?
Me I'm going to be working on my " All roads lead to home " lap quilt for one cousin, and some other blocks as leaders and enders for another cousin, and possibly a twin quilt or a full size quilt for my grandson.

Happy Sewing

The highlighted links will take you directly to each part of the mystery quilt.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pinwheel quilt

Debbie's Quilt top is coming along pretty good, this week before I started the mystery quilt that Ms Bonnie Hunter is putting on over at Quiltville's Blog, I was able to get 4 rows completed, with only minor hiccups or goof ups.. lol I just left them as they are barely noticeable.

Here are a few pictures of 2 rows done and put together.
Laid out across the foot of my bed.

At the head of my bed.

Laid out from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed. 
Hmmm maybe I only need to do a hundred of them. I have 40 of them done and the Table Runner for her almost done. Will be working on it again this next week since we won't be getting part 2 of the Mystery Quilt until Friday morning.

What will you be working on this week?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sewing Machines

Today I got an excellent surprise, my B/F went out to do some shopping, he came in a few hrs later all excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. lol
He couldn't contain himself. He had to just give me an early Christmas present.. And here she is:

 Its a Singer hard case.. open it up and we get to see this: A singer 99k

The serial number is EL 234778, so I go over to and look up the serial number, it says this machine was made in 1956. And she runs sooooo smoothly, already plugged her in and found my 1/4 seam allowance and marked it :D

Ohhhh I am sooo thrilled with this one, it has only one stitch but its a straight stitch, so will work wonderfully well for piecing quilt tops together.

And last weekend we went to the local Antique store here in Taylor, Texas and as we were leaving I happen to ask if he had any old sewing machines, he said yep, and headed to a back storage area, said it had been back there for 3 yrs. He dug it out and opened up the table. and I was amazed at what I saw. He wanted only $10.00 for the cabinet and machine together.. JACKPOT it did come home with me.

A Wilson Rotary, that has a working motor on it, it needs rewiring and we order some parts for it from Sewing Machine 221 sales
Now we are just waiting on those to arrive, before I take it to someone who knows how to do the wiring.

Yep I'm a happy camper tonight.. :D

I also have a Janome Harmony 4052.

And the Mystery Quilt begins

Lets see if this will get me to posting at least once a week to keep up with all the other fantastic quilters out there.

Over at, Bonnie Hunter has started her yearly mystery quilt, this one will be taken down on June 1st, 2013 when it goes into her next book. So be sure and save and/or print each set of instructions.

Here is the link to part one, if you click on the Easy Street link at the top of her blog you can find the instructions for all the material yardage you will need. Each week you will find the instructions at the Easy Street tab at the top of her blog.

Now the picture up at the top was the first mystery quilt I did, that will be going to my sister Verna, its part of her bedroom set I have made. I put it up there to illustrate the 192 4-patches that we get to make for the first week of "Easy Street". Once I have them all or nearly all of them put together I will post them here and on FB  so everyone can see what I am doing.

Now to get started on cutting 2" strips.. lol this will be loads of fun. What a great way to spend black Friday. :D
I do have some other updates to post also, but need to get the pictures upload and resized.

Happy Sewing

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct. 8, 2012

Cleaned up a bit around my sewing machine. Added 2 rows to the baby receiving blanket that is being crocheted. And made progress on my sisters dresser runner. And found some more Pink to add to Deb n Ricks Quilt top.
Now I have to say that all though Deb is my former sis n law, she is still my sister. I love her and she like a few others has always been there for me through the years, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Now for my Cousin's lap quilt, I did work on it this weekend. The House, it will finish out at 12.5" square when finished, I just laid it out under the ruler and only have 1.5" to add to the top and bottom, the sides are wide enough.
 Roadway is headed around the design wall ( which happens to be my b/f lap quilt)
 I have just that little bit at the top to put together and this part will be done until I start making the "intersections" of the roads.
See all that red, white, and blue in the background, that is to be covered up by "Signature" blocks that I am still waiting on. I suppose I could just figure something else out, but at this moment it doesn't matter as it will not be done in time for Christmas as I had planned, the hold up.. THE SIGNATURE blocks. I need those to determine where the "intersections" of the "roadways" are going to go..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct. 5, 2012

 So last night I posted on my Damsels Creations FB page, " I am really bummed out right now and have been for a long while. Something I wanted to do really badly for my cousin. And I'm unable to do so. So that is why I have not been posting anything. sorry for the let downs.. sighs.. Hugs, loves, and many blessings to all my fans.. Hope fully soon I will be back at it again." 
And its true, my cousin's kids were suppose to send me some signature blocks, so that I could make him a lap quilt called "All Roads Lead to Home". I left the blocks with the girls on July 4th, 2012, and here it is Oct. 5th, 2012, and I still do not have the blocks. I'm disappointed in the fact that they have not sent them to me, although they said they were going to. Its had me pretty bummed out for a few weeks. I really wanted to get it done in time for Christmas this year. Now I don't think I can do it. Not without hurting myself in doing so.

But today is a new day, and here is how I am going to start my day, first up breakfast. 
 I like my toast lightly toasted and my eggs over easy, with a little bit of pepper. Once they are cooked and onto a plate. I had a small pinch of grated cheese. YUMMMY. Along with my favorite beverage.
Then we take stock of what needs to get done Whether it is cleaning house ( which is always the case) sewing related items, crocheting related items, lets see how much I can get done today. 

 My sisters table/dresser runner that needs to be finished ,that goes to her bedroom set, the top is done for her quilt, just need to sandwich and quilt it.
 The b/f Queen size Jelly Roll quilt, that needs to be hand quilted. Gonna quilt it in Baptist Fans. Cross fingers.
 My neighbor wants a receiving type blanket crochet for her great grand daughter. It should have been done back in June. Been to hot to crochet. So we have 27 rows done in double crochet. and have about 28 more rows to do.
 My former sis n law loves pink, and she happens to love the pinwheels that were done a month or two ago. So lets combine them together and see what we can do. I know I need 120+ pinwheels for her Queen sized quilt, This piece is her Dresser runner, I need to figure out pillow shams also.
 and I need to clean up around my sewing machine, it is a MESS..

I will report back this evening or in the morning with my progress, lets see how much I can get done today. :D