Adding Buttons to your blog.

I see some folks would love to add Bonnie's "Easy Street" button to their blogs,
so here is a tutorial on how to accomplish this. Believe me I had fun learning how to do this this morning. lol
This is for Blogger, I don't know how the others may work. 

First step go to your dash board
Then go to your layout button and click on it.
This window will open. 
Now click on the add a gadget blue link.

This pope up window will appear, you need to scroll down till you see the Html/Javascript button.

Now click on it.. another window will appear.

add a name and put the code inside the box... You will need to go to Quiltville to get the code to put into the box.
Highlight, right click, copy, then go back to previous box to add the code. Be sure to save it.. Or you will get to do it all over again. :p..

Easy street should appear on your layout now.

You can preview it on your blog now, and be sure to hit Save Arrangement.

I hope this helps .
Tammy Jean 

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