Friday, March 28, 2014

What I have been working on this week.

 2 things I have been working on this week. Just put Easy Street under the needle of my Janome Harmony Domestic machine.

Easy Street was the Mystery Quilt 2 years ago that Bonnie Hunter put on over at the Quiltville blog, and it is coming out soon in her new book, you can pre order her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders
go read her blog posting about the book and take a look at some of the fabulous quilts that can be made.

This 2nd piece is one I started about 2 years ago. The quilt has been stewing in a tub with more fabric that I had bought in the last 2 years, I also had to play froggy with the quilt because I ran out of the white on black rose pattern and of course I couldn't find it. So bought another black on white, so now to mix the blocks up a bit more.

I took the table runner off the needle, and put it in the hoop so I can hand quilt the border. I think I will attempt to do some hearts along the border. I believe that my hand quilting is a whole lot better than my machine quilting lol. All it takes is patience and loads of practice.
I will take a picture of the machine quilting I did on the table runner and post it when I am finished. Its not pretty but it will work.

What are you working on this weekend?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Giveaways

As promised here is a Friday giveaway going on over at SewMamaSews
Lots of gift certificates and some fabric... ohh I love those shimmering fabrics she has on her page. They can be found here, where I found the picture.
You have to click through to enter the giveaways. Some fantastic items can be gotten at each of the stores.

hmm need to see if I can locate a couple more, that I know have giveaways on Fridays. I also need to locate some good pictures for my blog

I knew it, if I keep refreshing facebook, I would find another fabric giveaway.
And here it is, At Maureen Cracknell Handmade.  Be sure and enter on her blog.
From Intrepid Threads. Love the fabrics in this shop as well. Now if only I had a money tree growing in my back yard, it would be soooo awesome to spread the wealth amongst all the fabric shops I come across.

And here I found out through Quiltville/Bonnie Hunter that The Quilt Show is sponsering a giveaway also.  Quiltvilles Facebook page has several things on it.

The Quilt show is letting us view 169 episodes for free til the 16th, at midnight PST. They are also letting us enter a drawing for a Bernina 550 QE along with other prizes.. Take a gander and see the great episodes they are offering and enter their drawings.

And other giveaway, but this time it is a free pattern by McCalls Quilting. 
A beautiful Summer Quilt, that will chase away those winter doldrums.

How about a book by Cassandra Ellis titled Clothe Enter at the link posted over at

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kevin the Quilter

Kevin is doing a block drive, you can find all the information to it here.
Just click the link and lets see how many blocks this wonderful quilter can gather.

These quilts will be QoV  ( Quilts of Valor) quilts.

The block drive started on March 2nd ( and I am just now hearing about it) and ends June 1st, 2014.
Each quilt requires 30 blocks according to Kevin, Oh and he is offering a prize as well.
A gift card to Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love their products. :D and their daily deals are fantastic.
And now he has even more prizes that have been offered to him for this unique and special drive he is holding. 

So Hurry on over to visit Kevin and see what he is up to.
He has all the requirements listed, you will need to read through to find them, or scroll down to the bottom of the blog posting.

Best of luck Kevin, May you have more blocks than you need to accomplish your goal!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Give Aways

Lots of give aways going on around on the quilty blogs.
Here is one that I'm just loving. Mrs. Bonnie Hunter is giving away 2 copies of her new book.
And you can pre order her book also, so you can get a signed copy of it.

Give away More adventures with leaders and enders. A lot of the patterns in this book I have worked on in the past year or two.

Her mystery quilt from 2 yrs ago is in there, Easy Street, which you all know I have worked on and actually have the top done. Just needs quilting to be done on it.

There are blogs giving away fabric on Fridays also. Will have to look around and possibly post those when I find them.

Until next time..

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Its a Saterday, time to start a new week

Well nothing much has happened over the past week. Been thinking a lot and sometimes it comes down to, what I need to do, what I have to do and what I have done.

Not much done, Have a lot I need to do and have a lot I have to get done.

I did get 2 blocks done for my Mom's quilt, however, I put the blocks together all wrong. :P lol
It is what happens when you do not have the original block set up by the machine so you have a reference.

Dang it, I need to find my camera again.

Discouragement this week has been profound for me. Making stupid mistakes, not sorting fabric correctly and putting into the correct bins, attempting to cut some fabric and find out 1) its not the correct one, and 2) cut it out all wrong. Bad Tammy, lol.

Oh well time to slow down, take it easy and put everything back into perspective. Hopefully within the next few days I will have improvements to post about. :D

Like getting fabric sorted and put into the correct bins, like cutting out and putting blocks together CORRECTLY..

What have you all been doing this past week? Sewing, crocheting, knitting, hiking, biking, staying warm for my northern friends, walking, jogging, etc??

Until next time

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goals for 2014

I'm a little late in doing this, but have decided I need to get my rear in gear and attempt to get things done.

1) Finish up Easy Street, all it needs is the backing, batting and to be quilted.

2) Finish up the Jacob Ladder's quilt that I am doing for my mom. Have 5 blocks done, need to finish up putting the blocks together, backing, batting and get it quilted.

3) Finish crocheting my daughters blanket for her king size bed. She has been waiting on this for over 10 yrs, about time to get'er done. Have it just about 3/4 of the way done. I'm really sorry it has taken so long Dawn.

4) I have about 3-5 circle of comfort quilts to finish. I also need to get active at the Missouri Star forum again. 1 of the quilts just needs a binding put on, 1 needs a backing, the others I need to finish putting together. These were to go to West, Texas to comfort those most impacted by the fertilizer plant blast. 

5) Begin blogging more, at least once a week with updates and things that are going on.

6) Work on my cousin's quits, Evonda's and Charlie's. Charlie's needs the binding put on it. I have blocks to finish putting together for Evonda's.

 This is a part of Evonda's quilt.

 Charlie's lap quilt. All Roads Lead to Home.

7) work on my Grandson's quilt.

8) Begin working on putting together a triple Irish Chain quilt ( something similar to this quilt) for my daughter Dawn. Getting fabric together

9) Begin working on my daughters Cathy and Tracy's quilts. Still getting fabric put together to do these. Farmer's Granddaughters 
It is the variations of The Farmer's Daughter quilt blocks.

10) Finish crocheting Tracy's shawl. I started this a month before she was to be married, 2 yrs ago, it still isn't finished. So sorry Tracy.

11) I have 3-5 items that are really close to be finished, crocheting edgings around the outside perimeters, or putting bindings on. Need to take time to get them finished.

And that is just the start of it all. First up getting everything reorganized, which I will be working on today. Almost finished with this part, just cleaning off my work surfaces.

And who knows, I may be able to get Celtic Solstice started also.

So Until next time. :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Color picks for new mystery quilt: Celtic Solstice

Today or I should say, this morning Bonnie over at  Quiltville will give us the color choices for her new mystery quilt that will start after Thanksgiving.

So thousands of people who love mystery quilts, of which I am one of them, are looking forward to seeing what color choices she has picked for this years mystery quilt.

What do we have to look forward to in this years mystery, well that is a mystery in itself. But if you take a look at some of her other mystery quilts, you can get an idea of what may be used.

Bonnie's Tips and Tech. page has loads of information on it, located here. 
Bonnie's YouTube channel is located here. Here she gets to do some of her own personal sewing, she is sharing things that she does. You may want to subscribe to her youtube channel.

Loads of scraps, time to bust open your scrap boxes, containers and put them to use. We should have these divided into color ways, as in : Reds in one container, blues in another container, (etc.) and neutrals in yet another container. This will make it a whole lot easier if you love to do mystery quilts.
Especially Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.

Lets see what else may we expect out of this mystery, hmmmm.
Flying Geese, We did a bunch of these for the last mystery quilt quilt, everyone has their own way of doing these, I found that using the same rulers that Bonnie uses helped a lot, and cut down on my mistakes. 

4- patches, We did a lot of these as well for the last mystery quilt. 

Paper foundation piecing, we didn't do any of these the last mystery quilt, but she has done them in past mystery quilt's.

Well there is a lot of things we can expect, but we won't know till we get started next month on what we will be doing.

Oh yea, last years mystery quilt, was called "Easy Street" its no longer available on her blog, but will be making an appearance in her next book

YESSSS I just was cruising around Bonnies blog and guess what, it has posted.
The mystery quilt name is Celtic Solstice . 
Our colorways are out.. This one just sounds yummy for the colors.. Take a look...
You won't regret it one bit, who knows maybe you will be bitten by the mystery quilt bug also..

Till next time..
This is Tammy Jean