Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sewing Machines revisited.

I'm now down to just 4 machines. And I won't even ask how many you have .. :D
Early 1900's Gritzner Treadle Sewing machine. Made in Germany. This sweet machine will go to my middle daughter, Catherine. Eventually. Can anyone tell me anything about this machine, I'm unable to find out hardly anything on it, and ISMAC didn't have any information. Unless I was looking in the wrong area. :P

Next up is my Bel Air 600 knee peddle. It operates by pressing a lever with your knee.
This darling machine will go to my youngest daughter Tracy.

We still have the Wilson Rotary.
And the 1980's Janome Harmony, this is my go to machine for quilting. It sure does work well.
hmmm I need to take a better picture of it, right now it is busy meandering around "Easy Street"
The Bel Air is my piecing machine now, so will be getting used a lot from here on out when the Janome is busy.

Hope you all found some time today to put a few stitches into something. :D
Tammy Jean

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  1. Beautiful machines. I just bought Bel Air 600 in the thrift shop, and was wondering, if you know anything about it and maybe know where I can find online manual for it.