Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Its a Wednesday and Jacobs Ladder block.

Dang where is the week going? Bonnie is giving away 2 issues of the Quiltmaker magazine, both have her absolutely wonderful pattens, some tips and techniques.

In order to enter the giveaway, you HAVE to go to her page and leave a comment HERE!! so what are you waiting for head on over and enter the giveaway. Have a safe, fun and wonderful trip Bonnie.

Now what else can I share with you.. ohhhhh lets see how about a Jacobs Ladder . :D
Its for my Mom's quilt top. Its a 2 yr old WIP ( work in Progress).. Many mistakes have been made. Lots of learning and relearning of how to do things.
Draw line from corner to corner
 Lets start with the basics. 5" charm packs can be used, with this one though I have cut my own 5" squares. Draw a line from corner to corner.
Sew 1/4" on either side of line.
Line up the foot so you will be sewing 1/4" on one side of the line that you have drawn. Once you get the other corner, you can flip it around and go back down the other side of the line.

Line up your ruler on the line.
 Line up your ruler on the line and cut these apart.

But don't do like I did and let the ruler slip, otherwise you run the risk of splitting your seam.

Don't let the ruler slip.
Love it when you take pictures during the process and don't find out about the mistakes until after you are done and you are processing the pictures.. lol

It is cut a bit close, but I can still use it. If you get to close, you might be able to run a scant 1/4" or just to the outside of the line, going up til you meet the old seam line.

2 Half square triangles ready to be used.
And this is what you wind up having, 2- 1/2 square triangles ready to be used.

The Jacob Ladders pattern also uses 4 patches.

4 patches and 1/2 square triangles.
Here are a bunch of 4 patches and a few 1/2 square triangles.. Once you have enough to put together..
You will need to lay them out and then sew them together, I will see about getting some pictures of doing that. I started using the webbing technique that I learned over at Quiltville on Bonnie's blog, in the techniques and tips tab.. Found HERE!!!!

Jacob's Ladder block.
Once you have it all together, it should look similar to this block.

I learned how to cut and make this block through Youtube, Jenny Doan over at the Missouri Start Company put together a really neat video showing how to do it. The video is located HERE!!!!!

This is a sample block had to test out the pattern. :D

Enjoy and happy quilting.

Tammy Jean

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