Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Color picks for new mystery quilt: Celtic Solstice

Today or I should say, this morning Bonnie over at  Quiltville will give us the color choices for her new mystery quilt that will start after Thanksgiving.

So thousands of people who love mystery quilts, of which I am one of them, are looking forward to seeing what color choices she has picked for this years mystery quilt.

What do we have to look forward to in this years mystery, well that is a mystery in itself. But if you take a look at some of her other mystery quilts, you can get an idea of what may be used.

Bonnie's Tips and Tech. page has loads of information on it, located here. 
Bonnie's YouTube channel is located here. Here she gets to do some of her own personal sewing, she is sharing things that she does. You may want to subscribe to her youtube channel.

Loads of scraps, time to bust open your scrap boxes, containers and put them to use. We should have these divided into color ways, as in : Reds in one container, blues in another container, (etc.) and neutrals in yet another container. This will make it a whole lot easier if you love to do mystery quilts.
Especially Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.

Lets see what else may we expect out of this mystery, hmmmm.
Flying Geese, We did a bunch of these for the last mystery quilt quilt, everyone has their own way of doing these, I found that using the same rulers that Bonnie uses helped a lot, and cut down on my mistakes. 

4- patches, We did a lot of these as well for the last mystery quilt. 

Paper foundation piecing, we didn't do any of these the last mystery quilt, but she has done them in past mystery quilt's.

Well there is a lot of things we can expect, but we won't know till we get started next month on what we will be doing.

Oh yea, last years mystery quilt, was called "Easy Street" its no longer available on her blog, but will be making an appearance in her next book

YESSSS I just was cruising around Bonnies blog and guess what, it has posted.
The mystery quilt name is Celtic Solstice . 
Our colorways are out.. This one just sounds yummy for the colors.. Take a look...
You won't regret it one bit, who knows maybe you will be bitten by the mystery quilt bug also..

Till next time..
This is Tammy Jean