Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hand sewing area, new toy.

Hand sewing supplies
This little container has all my hand sewing supplies in it, including various colors of thread, although I use mostly off white or a light grey cotton thread, some new needles that I want to try out, some painters tape, which I found out when looking they don't have the 1" wide, its all over an inch or just under an inch. But I did find some stick up note tape that said it is 1" wide. Need them to attempt to get my lines a bit straighter, hoping it works lol.

Mechanical pencils, so that I can begin drawing some designs on the lap quilts.

Where I do all my hand sewing and crocheting at.
Love my rocker that a good friend gave to me about 12 yrs ago. It has been repaired 2 times. But it is very comfy. My hexie kits are set up there on the table.

The Green and black crochet piece on the back of my chair will be going to my daughter Dawn once it is long enough and attached to the other part of it. It is made out of Hunter Green and Black by RedHeart yarn.

New toy, rotating cutting mat.

This ought to make it a lot easier to square up blocks. In theory that is what happens in my mind, we shall see if I can apply it. lol

Keep on stitching..

Tammy Jean

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