Monday, July 21, 2014

On a Monday evening.

I took this pics earlier today, and shared them on my Damsels Creations FB page.
Cousins lap quilt finished... yeaaaa
 my Cousins lap quilt I finished up yesterday
rut roh, what is this I see up in the top right hand corner..

I laid it out on the floor and I found a goose egg.. errr.. a mistake.. errr mechanical failure to realize the block was not the same size as the others. :P Bad Tammy. 
uggggg.. where is my seam ripper. 

So I got my trusty old seam ripper out and fixed it. Carefully taking it apart, thankfully it was in an area that is easily gotten to. And not like in the middle of the quilt.

And I did resew it all back together, seams as if one or two of my seams were not correctly done. In my haste to have something else finished, I rushed through without checking to make sure it would all fit together correctly.

I can honestly say that now it can and does all fit together correctly.

Happy sewing.

Tammy Jean

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