Monday, July 21, 2014

Why do people think I sit around and do nothing all day?

Seriously, some people think I do nothing at all during the day. So here is a post showing what all I have been up to the last several weeks. Besides the general housekeeping, and cooking dinner and a little bit of gardening.

Besides the fact that my oldest daughter Dawn came down to Texas with her family for a week.. Enjoyed the time I had with them. I sent home with her my Singer 99k, with case, manual, thread, bobbins, it takes the case 66 bobbins from Singer.
I used it a lot for piecing so I know it runs great. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

I didn't get pictures, ( mainly because I had lost errrr misplaced my SD card for my camera) but I had made my grandson a travel pillow, and I had a smaller one that I had gotten from somewhere with the same Tiger strips on it, that I gave him. Dawn said he used them and loved them.

Now lets see where to start, I got 2 crochet projects done, need to dig them out of the back room and take pictures of them.

I got this Circle of Comfort quilt finished and gave it to a Lady who has been diagnosed with Cancer. We have prayed that it is in Remission, it is inoperable cancer. They sure are camera shy. lol.

I got the binding all on it, washed it, snuggled up to it, and then remembered I needed to add the label to it. :P

So before my neighbor and I left to deliver the quilt, I sat down at her place and finished putting the label on it.

Wish I had remembered to get the label on before I washed it. But oh well as long as it was put on there. :D

Hand appliqued on.

Then I was asked, well what if they want to send a Thank You card, where should they send it?
Soooo I ran back to my house and looked up the envelope that all the supplies came in and wrote it down on the Get Well card I had wrote up for the young lady.

Also these are a few things I have worked on.
1" Hexigons

Jacob Ladder parts for my Mom's quilt top

Another Circle of Comfort quilt, all layered and ready to be quilted

Cousin Evonda's lap quilt top is done, but need to fix a corner square.

Still need to trim down these blocks to 7"

These are a few already trimmed down.

Messed up the borders, had to take them off, so just meandering around "Easy Street"
 I have also been making some of the other 47 pinwheel blocks that I need.. that will be for another blog posting. I have had to do a lot of ripping out of stitches, so my seam ripper and I have gotten very close again!!!!!! 2 circle of comfort quilt tops put together, ripped them all apart, decided they needed sashings, took the borders off from Easy Street quilt as they were not put on correctly ( still haven't figured out how that one had happen) Gremlins I tell ya. :D
Oh and all those pinwheels up there ^^^^ yea those, they all had sashings, took those apart also.. A story for another blog posting.

Happy Stitching out there.
Tammy Jean

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