Monday, December 17, 2012

Sister's Quilt

Is finally done with the quilting, hoping she doesn't look to closely at the stitching.. lol
All n all not to bad, it could have been worse. I still have some areas that can be fixed relatively easily. As in I started stitching, didn't like and started over, need to rip out those first stitches.

I should have seen if I could have found another neutral color to border it with as it barely fits the top of my bed with absolutely no drappege off the sides or the foot of the bed.

So onto figuring out the binding, and get that on.. Sew I can sit and have something else for my hands to do 3 nights a week.

Next up to be quilted is the matching table/dresser topper

I started to hand quilt it, but may put in on my Janome Harmony and finish it out.

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