Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Linky up party

Is going on over at Quiltville.
This past week, we just about got done with my sisters quilt. and with sewing the binding down on my b/f's quilt.
Mystery quilt,
Week 1 - done
Week 2 - done
Week 3 - in progress
Week 4 - in progress.

A little beakless but I can live with it..


  1. Well done! Am not crazy about the geese, but they go together fairly quickly ;)
    Sharyn in Kalama

  2. You've chosen really lively fabrics! This quilt will be a lot of fun when it's finished, I think.

  3. Really like your color choices (and that you are another crazy cat person :-) Cant wait until next Friday as they are slowing becoming... blocks?

    :-Debbie in Arizona

  4. The fabrics play really well together. Some of mine are beakless and some are floaters - no matter, it'll all get hidden when the whole quilt is put together.