Friday, November 23, 2012

Sewing Machines

Today I got an excellent surprise, my B/F went out to do some shopping, he came in a few hrs later all excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. lol
He couldn't contain himself. He had to just give me an early Christmas present.. And here she is:

 Its a Singer hard case.. open it up and we get to see this: A singer 99k

The serial number is EL 234778, so I go over to and look up the serial number, it says this machine was made in 1956. And she runs sooooo smoothly, already plugged her in and found my 1/4 seam allowance and marked it :D

Ohhhh I am sooo thrilled with this one, it has only one stitch but its a straight stitch, so will work wonderfully well for piecing quilt tops together.

And last weekend we went to the local Antique store here in Taylor, Texas and as we were leaving I happen to ask if he had any old sewing machines, he said yep, and headed to a back storage area, said it had been back there for 3 yrs. He dug it out and opened up the table. and I was amazed at what I saw. He wanted only $10.00 for the cabinet and machine together.. JACKPOT it did come home with me.

A Wilson Rotary, that has a working motor on it, it needs rewiring and we order some parts for it from Sewing Machine 221 sales
Now we are just waiting on those to arrive, before I take it to someone who knows how to do the wiring.

Yep I'm a happy camper tonight.. :D

I also have a Janome Harmony 4052.

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