Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy Street Part 2 is up

 Easy Street Part 2 is up. Its 5:30am and Bonnie preset the instructions to go live while most in the US were sleeping.

Looks like my SInger 99k is going to get a good workout this weekend. Even more so than last weekend. lol
We have 128 flying geese units to make, she is using purple, and my b/f picked reds, so that is one color I will be using. Now to see how much of the red I can pull out of my bins, I have a mess load of reds in my 2.5" bins mostly Christmas prints but you wouldn't really be able to tell by the time we got them cut.

 My Janome Harmony is busy quilting this beauty. I have planned to finish up 2 lap quilt's and at least 2-3 quilt tops while working on "Easy Street"
I have plenty of the strips already cut but some are already sewn to the grey strips, guess I pull those apart if I need to to make the 64 2” X 3-1/2” rectangles for one of the next steps.

Happy sewing everyone have a great day.

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