Thursday, January 17, 2013


Lets see if I can get things done this year, especially in the piecing department. I have about 25 bedroom sets to make for close family and very close friends. I have one completed for my sister Verna .
My work in progress this week is Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" quilt top.
Its suppose to be a bit scrappy, ok a lot scrappy. But I'm wanting to do some controlled piecing with it. I only have so much of the dark grey fabric, so decided to make all the setting triangles with it.
Setting Triangles.
I do have enough to finish these out. And will have a few extra.
hmmmm Maybe I have some that dark grey hiding in one of my buckets.. gonna have to look and see, if I do than I will hopefully have enough to do either the 9 ( block B) inside 15" blocks or if I get really lucky since I made one already with drk grey, I can get the other 15 block A's done.

I don't have any of Block B done, so I'm hoping to get all the setting triangles and 15 Block A's done with the drk Grey, if that is accomplished I can go ahead and do all the Block B's with a lighter grey.

Block A
One of 16, so need to do 15 more.

WIP = Works in Progress
UFO = Unfinished projects
PIGS = Projects in Grocery sacks, these are usually hiding in our closets or bins. ;-)

So lets get some sewing done.. :D

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