Monday, January 14, 2013

A cold windy day

It was fairly decent here all weekend long, although we did have rain and wind.

Yesterday Wally got my Wilson Rotary to working. And I worked on the tension to get it going really good. Tension is now all set on it, new needle in it, new thread in it along with getting the one bobbin I have for it filled. I set it up last night to do some sewing on it today and wouldn't you know it, Wally walked by it and just had to play with it, one more time before he headed off to bed, stepped on the foot peddle and made it go.. lol
Came in here to let me know he may have messed up the bobbin thread.. :P
So I go out there and sure enough the bobbin thread was a bit messed up,all tangled up and had a couple of knots in it. Oh well, got it untangled and snipped off the thread that was knotted up. Looked up at him, he said he was headed to bed before he got into trouble again.. smart man. ;-) although I did get a good laugh about it.

You see he has been working on it for a couple of weeks. When he hasn't been working 10-12 hrs a day.. So every time he would be anywhere close to it, he would roll the wheel around. Just to keep all the inner workings loosened up.. so he said lol
To be honest it really didn't surprise me any when he walked by it and just had to play one more time on it.. What he doesn't realize is that now, I'm going to cut some blue jeans into squares and rectangles and let him sew them together. ;-)

As for me I worked on the Easy Street mystery quilt over the weekend, and managed to put together a few of the big blocks after remaking some of the 4 patches, which have now turned into a leader/ender project.

 One of 16 - 15.5" blocks put together.
 One of 4 corner pieces put together, actually got all 4 of them put together.
One of the large triangle sections put together. Need 12

I still need to put together the other 15" block ( there will be 9 of these) that will be used to create this quilt, along with the other large triangles and the other 11 big blocks.

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