Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First post of the New Year

Happy new Year everyone.

Well last night and today I have been working on the "Easy Street" mystery quilt that was put on by Bonnie Hunter. This quilt will be put into a bedroom set for my b/f's brother and sister n law.
My bedroom sets include a quilt, a set of pillow cases and a dresser/table topper.

Here is an update of what has been done:
Week 1: 192 - 4 patches made out of grey and blck on white squares - DONE

Week 2: 64 rectangles and 128 flying geese - DONE

Week 3: 2 - 3" squares cut on diagonal creating 4 triangles and 64 shaded 4 patches - DONE

Week 4: 64 flying geese with blue wings.. Attach them to 64 triangles from week 2.  4 are done.. 60 geese are cut now need to cut the wings out and attach. Cut 145 - 3.5" green squares

Week 5: 64 house fronts- well that is what they look like to me, I will show a picture of them when they are done.. :D

Week 6: 128 dble bricks.. Cut 16- 5.5" squares Cut them into quarter square triangles

Week 7: take 64 flying geese from week 2 and pair them up with the 64 rectangles.. DONE
Start building triangles out of assorted pieces ..

Week 8: Start building blocks, set them on point and finish the quilt top into a flimsy..

Flimsy in the quilting world is a quilt top that is not quilted.. Now for some eye candy some of the blocks and pieces that were done yesterday and today..

 Week 7
 Red Geese a waiting on their blue wings.
Week 3 shaded 4 patches.

Told my b/f Wally that I need to do some more cutting and if he wanted to help out, I would let him cut out the 145 green squares.. He laughed as he walked out of the room... Guess I can take that as a no ... lol..


  1. Looking good! While some folks are just beginning at least you've got a big leap on it!! I saw a couple almost done -- you won't see that on MY blog for a few weeks LOL I like the reddish color you swapped, those are going to make some cool flying geese -- Enjoy your sewing!


  2. I think we are all quietly working away on Easy Street, it will be great to see everyone's results on Monday