Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012

O_o Ohhh boy.

I started messing around in back of blogger and yea now everything is out of order. 
Sorry about that. But I am trying to set this up like I have seen others. 
SOOO this may be all screwy for a awhile until I can get it all figured out. :D 

Now I think I will go and do some machine sewing. as to what I am working on, well its another quilt top, for another sister of mine. 
Now just in case they happen to come over and see what I am reading, I will tell ya, I have 2 sisters that are younger than I am, I have sisters that have been my friends for years. Sisters by blood and sisters by choice, I just won't reveal which sister gets what until they have received them.  

So just to iterate what all is being worked on. Pictures please. 
This one is a Victorian Floral, which I did as a mystery quilt at the Missouri Star Quilt forum it was fun, I was gone for the last 3 weeks of it so had to have the moderator email that last 3 weeks of instructions. Now all that needs to be done to it, is make a quilt sandwich, hand quilt it, as I can't afford to send it out to be quilted, and my domestic machine is to small to handle it. This is for one of my sisters, she will also get a dresser runner and pillow shams to match. 

These are called Pinwheels, I made around 40 or so of them, may need to make more, right now I am cutting half square triangles to go along 4 sides of them, needed to make it bigger than what I have and then I will add some sashings to them. These finished out at 5.5" they will hopefully be around 8" square when finished up. This will also be going to one of my sisters, along with a dresser runner and pillow shams to match. 

I have not decided yet on if I am going to just piece the backings of these quilts, or buy a whole piece to put on them. I do need to used up alot of the material I have in my fabric stash. Sooo we shall see. 

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