Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept. 10, 2012

Alot to learn

Blogging is a whole other ballgame, one I am going to commit myself to learn. I hope I don't mess this up to badly.

In the meantime Bonnie Hunter has issued a challenge for all us quilters, sewers and other needle workers.

1 hr a day, to do only hand work. Thats all, lets see if we can all get some of those Projects done this month for National Sewing Month.
Oh yea, I need to show where I do my hand quilting at. hmm yea let me get to that in a little bit.
Its a bit messy and crowded at the moment :D :P
Has been machined quilted, just waiting to put the binding on.
For one of my sisters. It was a mystery quilt, top done, needs to be hand quilted and binding added.

Boyfriends quilt. Had to add another 6 or 7 " on 3 sides for him.
 These are two of the many I have to do hand sewing on. Along with my boyfriends quilt that is on my quilting hoop now.

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